Crab; Photo credit: JodyO.Photos

Restaurants in Anchorage

From first savory bite to final sweet sensation, Anchorage's dining puts the best of Alaska on the menu. Local chefs offer up mouth-watering creations, and cuisine reflects the city's global draw and diverse community. You'll find meals drawing on time-tested recipes, and discover a few found only in the last Frontier. Menus include everything from king crab, halibut, and wild salmon to other surprising Alaska food specialties, whether fished, farmed or foraged.


Things To Do

Anchorage offers a lot of unique options. Listed below are just a few choices. Please check out the Visit Anchorage Alaska

Northern Lights Nights; Photo credit: JodyO.Photos

Adventure & Eco Tours

Responsible guides immerse guests in Alaska’s natural wonders and pristine environs, while sharing their love of the state’s wildlife, geology and lifestyle. Inventive uses of resources can mean an even closer connection to Alaska, and special moments you’ll remember for the rest of your life.


Rondy Sled Dogs; Photo credit: Roy Neese

Dog Sledding

Local mushers offer kennel tours and training rides no matter the season. Hang with a kennel that has Iditarod bloodlines and mushers who know their trails and tails. Cuddle with puppies - the future Iditarod champs - and get behind a team on your own dogsled adventure.


Alaska Native Heritage Center Carving; Photo credit: Ashley Heimbigner

Museums, Culture & Heritage Centers

Anchorage is home to many museums and historical attractions that present Alaska’s fascinating blend of Russian, Native, gold rush and pioneer history from every imaginable angle.


Rusts takeoff at Lake Hood; Photo credit: Roy Neese

Sightseeing Tours & Day Trips

"What can I see and do in Anchorage?" Whether you have an hour or a whole day, day tour companies and their professional tour guides have a long list of “wow” destinations around Anchorage. Local sightseeing and city tours help you make every minute count.