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Tuesday, November 13
10:30 - 12:10
Special Session: TU-A1-2: Biometrics and Behavioral Analysis Room 303-AB
TU-A1-3: Image/Video Compression Room 305-AB
TU-A1-4: Signal Processing Systems Room 306-A
Special Session: TU-A1-5: Recent advances in estimation techniques of phase information Room 307-A
Special Session: TU-A1-6: Recent Advances in Data Analytics and Knowledge Discovery Room 308-A
TU-A1-7: Wireless Communications and Networks Room 308-B
TU-A1-8: Speech Recognition Room 309
TU-A1-9: Ph.D. Forum I (Oral Presentations) Room 306-B
15:00 - 17:00
Special Session: TU-P1-1: Recent Advances in Online Learning, Stochastic Optimization, and Adaptive Signal Processing Room 310
Special Session: TU-P1-2: Privacy and Security for Mobile Internet and Cloud Computing in the Big Data Era Room 303-AB
Special Session: TU-P1-3: Recent topics in applications of learning methods to signal and image processing Room 305-AB
TU-P1-4: Image/Video Interpretation and Understanding Room 306-A
Special Session: TU-P1-5: Advanced Signal Processing and Machine Learning for Audio and Speech Applications Room 307-A
Special Session: TU-P1-6: Signal Processing for Assistive Hearing Devices Room 308-A
Special Session: TU-P1-7: Spectrum Monitoring and Management in Wireless Sensor Networks Room 308-B
Special Session: TU-P1-8: Convergence of 5G with SDN/NFV/Cloud Room 309
Wednesday, November 14
08:00 - 09:40
Special Session: WE-A1-2: Deep learning based brain information processing Room 303-AB
Special Session: WE-A1-3: Advanced Image Processing and Computer Vision Techniques (I) Room 305-AB
Special Session: WE-A1-4: Information hiding and Detection in Multimedia Big Data Room 306-A
Special Session: WE-A1-5: Recent advances of machine learning and signal processing in hypercomplex domain Room 307-A
Special Session: WE-A1-6: Minor- and Multi- lingual speech and language processing Room 308-A
Special Session: WE-A1-7: Hyperspectral and Multiview Image Processing Room 308-B
WE-A1-8: Speech Synthesis Room 309
WE-A1-P: Speech Processing Room 306-B
11:10 - 12:50
WE-A2-2: Biomedical Signal Processing and Systems Room 303-AB
Special Session: WE-A2-3: Advanced Image Processing and Computer Vision Techniques (II) Room 305-AB
Special Session: WE-A2-4: Machine Learning for Information Processing and Forensics Room 306-A
Special Session: WE-A2-5: Optimization, Control, and Data Analytics for Cyber-Physical Systems Room 307-A
Special Session: WE-A2-6: Subjective perception and neural processing of speech in complex environments (I) Room 308-A
Special Session: WE-A2-7: Spectrum modeling and recognition for wireless communication Room 308-B
WE-A2-8: Voice Conversation/Dialog Room 309
WE-A2-P: Signal and Information Processing: Theory and Methods Room 306-B
16:20 - 18:00
Special Session: WE-P1-2: Emerging Technologies for Healthcare Room 303-AB
Special Session: WE-P1-3: Recent Advances in High Performance Processing for Multi-dimensional Signals Room 305-AB
Special Session: WE-P1-4: Advances in Multimedia Security Room 306-A
Special Session: WE-P1-5: Distributed Optimization in Data Science Room 307-A
Special Session: WE-P1-6: Subjective perception and neural processing of speech in complex environments (II) Room 308-A
WE-P1-7: Machine Learning for Signal and Information Processing Room 308-B
WE-P1-8: Sound Processing Room 309
Thursday, November 15
08:00 - 09:40
Special Session: TH-A1-1: Replay Attack Anti-Spoofing Measures for ASV Systems Room 310
TH-A1-2: Image/Video Synthesis and Rendering Room 303-AB
Special Session: TH-A1-3: Intelligent & Highly Efficient Image & Video Processing Systems Room 305-AB
Special Session: TH-A1-4: Recent Advances in Data Hiding and Encryption Technology Room 306-A
Special Session: TH-A1-5: Graph Signal Processing: Theory and Applications Room 307-A
Special Session: TH-A1-6: Security and Privacy in Information Fusion and Real time Decision Making Room 308-A
Special Session: TH-A1-7: Signal Processing for Advancing Cyber-Physical Systems Room 308-B
TH-A1-8: Speech Enhancement Room 309
TH-A1-P: Speech and Sound Processing Room 306-B
11:10 - 12:50
Special Session: TH-A2-1: Recent Trends on Active Control of Sound Room 310
Special Session: TH-A2-2: Advances in Cognitive Information Processing: Methods for conducting behavioral experiments in realistic environment and their applications Room 303-AB
Special Session: TH-A2-3: Advanced Topics on Signal Analysis and Compression for Monitoring Systems Room 305-AB
Special Session: TH-A2-4: Tensor modeling for signal processing and machine learning problems Room 306-A
Special Session: TH-A2-5: Recent topics in theory and application of digital filters Room 307-A
Special Session: TH-A2-6: Efficient Computing and Estimation in Deep Learning with Applications Room 308-A
Special Session: TH-A2-7: Large-Scale Stochastic Signal Processing for Wireless Systems Room 308-B
TH-A2-8: Speech/Language Recognition Room 309
TH-A2-P: Image, Video and Multimedia Room 306-B
14:00 - 15:40
Special Session: TH-P1-1: Speaker diarization and recognition in adverse acoustic environments Room 310
Special Session: TH-P1-2: Recent advantage on light field technologies Room 303-AB
Special Session: TH-P1-3: Audio/Visual Human Attribute Recognition and Modeling for Future Immersive Applications. Room 305-AB
Special Session: TH-P1-4: Digital Forensics and Data Hiding Room 306-A
Special Session: TH-P1-5: Recent advances of anomaly detection and estimation for network systems Room 307-A
Special Session: TH-P1-6: Deep Learning-based Detection and Recognition for Perception Applications Room 308-A
TH-P1-7: Audio and Speech Content Analysis Room 308-B
TH-P1-8: Sound/Speech Processing Room 309